My Approach to Mediation

The process starts well before we meet. Here’s what you can expect when working with me.

Assess the situation. During a pre-mediation call, I will speak with all parties to learn about the case and the attendees, and discuss any perceived impediments to the mediation.

Gain perspective. I will then ask all parties to send me a confidential statement 5 days before the scheduled mediation. These statements allow me to be better prepared to help all parties.

Come together. I have an unwavering belief that mediators should listen more than they talk—and do so with emotional intelligence and patience. If the parties agree, a joint session can be conducted, followed by the caucuses. My evaluative style, combined with seasoned facilitation skills, allow me to gently guide people to where they determine they should go.

Where does the mediation take place?

I offer the option of virtual or in-person mediation.

Virtual mediations can be facilitated securely through Zoom, WebEx, Google Duo, Teams, Facetime, or a combination thereof.  I can conduct multi-party mediations, including separate virtual breakout rooms, while each party and counsel remain in their home or office.  I can also add a telephone conference for those who do not wish to use an on-line platform for mediation or cannot join because they do not have access to a computer with a camera or the internet.

In-person mediation may occur at a preferred location, but I offer the use of my office conveniently located on the North side of Indianapolis, next to Keystone at the Crossing. My office provides a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for mediation, has a large main conference room, five breakout rooms, a copy center and a beverage and snack bar. All of my conference rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi and I offer free covered parking.

How are charges handled?

I charge by the hour and assume that all costs will be shared equally among the parties, but they are free to agree otherwise. There is no administrative or set-up fee and meals served during in-person mediation are included. I will travel to anywhere requested and charge one half of my hourly rate for travel. The only additional charge is mileage for travel outside of Indianapolis and lodging for an overnight stay, if needed.

What if we don’t reach a settlement during the session?

Known for my resolve, I am the last one to give up in a mediation. If a settlement isn’t reached during the first session, I will continue to follow-up with counsel, offering additional assistance and suggestions to keep the case moving towards resolution. I continue to help reframe the issues and develop alternatives, even when a party is pessimistic about resolving the dispute.